Terms and Conditions

Contest Rules "The Monster" @ Toro Verde

1.   Stages of the competition:

a) First Stage: October 15 to Dicember 14, 2015. January 18, 2016 three (3) winners will be selected for the first 3 riders of the Monster.

b) Second Stage: Febrary 8 to Febrary 12, 2016. Febrary 15, 2016, on the premises of Toroverde, will be announced the order of flight of the 3 winners selected in the first stage.

2.   Flight Day:

Flight day will be January 25, 2016. Toroverde may announce an alternate date if needed for any reason.

3.   Competition Logistics:

No purchase necessary to participate. Within the website https://www.elmonstruo.toroverdepr.com people can compete to be one of the top 3 pilots of the general public of the Monster, the new attraction of Toroverde Adventure Park ("Toroverde"). To compete, the person must upload a video to this site to answer the following question:

Why do I deserve to be the first pilot of the Monster?
Why nominate _______ to be the first pilot of the Monster?

From all contestants will be selected three (3) winners and from those three(3) winners the order of flight will be chosen the same day of the flight in Toroverde facilities. The three winners will be selected on January 18, 2016 considering the following items to assess:

a.) Half of the final grade attributed to each contestant will be based on the number of times that the video received "likes" on the website since it is available on the website of Toroverde until January 15, 2016

b.) The other half of the final grade will be based on video evaluation by a panel of five judges appointed by officials Oroverde Corp., the owner entity of Toroverde. The judges will evaluate the videos on a number of criteria, such as talent, originality, creativity, and clarity, among others.
These judges are not public knowledge for safety and to avoid interventions with the final decision.

4.  Three categories of winners:

a.) First Stage: The January 18, 2016 a winner will be chosen in each of the following categories for a total of three winners which must be present in Toroverde January 25, 2016 in order to claim the prize:

i. Orocovis Resident: Person resident of the town of Orocovis, Puerto Rico at the time you submit your entry form. To qualify as a resident of Orocovis must have been a continuous resident of Orocovis during the previous year to the date of submitting the entry form.

ii. Resident of Puerto Rico: Person resident of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (except residents of the town of Orocovis, Puerto Rico) the date you submit your entry form. To qualify as a resident of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico must have been a continuous resident of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (except Orocovis) during the previous year to the date of submitting their entry form.

iii. World Resident: Person resident anywhere outside the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The person cannot be a resident of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico when submitting the entry form or at any time during the year prior to that date. In this category the person involved has to have the necessary documents to enter the United States of America (USA) or traveling within the US, as appropriate, including, without limitation, passport and Visa (if required) and any necessary documents to travel to US, if is outside US or traveling within the US if US citizen The cost of management of any permit or necessary documentation to enter the US It will be responsibility of the contestant.

b.) Second Stage:  Once selected the three winners (on January 18, 2016) will start the second stage of the contest where the flying order shall be determined for the three winners and who will be officially the first person. For this part of the contest Toroverde will publish on its official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Toroverde.Adventure.Park.Pagina.Oficial) the three videos of the winners. The publication will occur from Febrary 8 to Febrary 12, 2016. The order of flight between the three winners will be based solely on the number of "likes" received by each video being the first pilot that most "likes" to receive your video and then receiving the second highest number of "likes" and finally the third most "likes". The order of three drivers and the number of "likes" received will be announced on Febrary 15, 2016 in Toroverde.

5.   Awards:

The prize of each winners will depends on each category:

a.) Orocovis: The winner of the category of Orocovis and 3 companions will be provided limousine transportation from the location in Orocovis where has submitted the contest entry form to Toroverde on January 25, 2016 at the time announced by Toroverde, or another alternate date to be established by Toroverde. In addition, we will provide the opportunity to make a Christmas party with live music in the restaurant Toroverde on December 18, 2015 for up to 50 people and a maximum of 4 hours. The winner will have a $800 credit to be used solely for the consumption of food and beverages during the party. Any excess consumption is the responsibility of the winner and any remaining credit at the end of the party will be automatically waived by the winner. The desire to have the party has to be confirmed by the winner on or before December 16, 2015 and the time will be notified by Toroverde to the winner at that time. Toroverde reserves the right of admission and winner and their guests must comply with each and every one of the rules of Toroverde and restaurant.

b.) Puerto Rico: The winner and three companions are provided with limousine transportation from the location in Puerto Rico where has submitted the contest entry form on January 25, 2016 at the time announced by Toroverde, or another alternate date to be established by Toroverde. In addition, the winner will be giving away a stay for two in a hostel located in Puerto Rico to be selected by Toroverde. To redeem the prize, the winner has to coordinate it with Toroverde 15 days in advance and subject to availability at all times of dates. The winner may redeem the stay until January 25, 2016.

In addition the winner will be provided a consumable credit at the restaurant for an amount of $250 redeemable on the day of flight, January 25, 2016. Toroverde reserves the right of admission and the winner and their guests must comply with each and every one of the rules of Toroverde and restaurant.

c.) World: A round-trip ticket for the winner and a companion (economy class) from the country from which submitted the contest entry form. The prize does not include entry or exit tax in the country of origin. In addition, you will be transported in Puerto Rico from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to Toroverde, and from Toroverde to the hotel, in the hours set by Toroverde.

Also, stay for 2 people for 3 days and 2 nights at the hotel established by Toroverde in Puerto Rico including breakfast, lunch and dinner during that time in the places established by Toroverde. To claim the prize, the winner must be available to be at Toroverde the day of the flight.

6.   Minors:

Entry is open to children who meet the specifications of attraction “the Monster” as they appear in https://www.elmonstruo.toroverdepr.com with written permission from their parent or guardian, which is It shall be established by submitting the entry form prior to launch the Monster.

7.   Restrictions:

Those who do not meet the physical or health or other conditions or restrictions of the attraction as they appear in the Monster https://www.elmonstruo.toroverdepr.com may not enter the contest.

8.   Rules Video:

The video must meet the following specifications:

It is important to note that the video, to meet the requirements of these rules, can be disclosed to the public by Toroverde at any time after being uploaded to the website. Toroverde reserves the absolute right to publish the video according to their content and subject to review and approval of Toroverde, in its sole and absolute discretion. Toroverde will not allow vulgar, rude, insulting, offensive, defamatory, racist or aggressive expressions of any class or some way or somehow against the law, morals or public order. Neither obscenities nor sexual references are allowed. The video cannot contain or refer to trademarks or other intellectual property that does not belong to the contestant.

Failure to comply with any of these requirements will be cause for automatic disqualification.

9.   Disclaimer:

Contestants consent that Toroverde will store and use the information of the contestants, including your name, contact information, and other information provided, and can share it with others or service providers or use it for purposes related to this or other promotions or any other purpose (commercial or otherwise) that Toroverde deems appropriate.

By submitting a video to enter the competition, the contestant renounce absolutely (not entitled to any compensation other than the right to participate in the contest) any right of image, voice, sound and any other rights the person may have about the video or any part of its content, regardless of its nature, and irrevocably assign all rights to the video for Toroverde, and Toroverde may at its sole and absolute discretion to edit and / or handling the material and / or produce another material all or part of the video. Also, the person accepts that Toroverde can use the video (or an edited version of the video) in any medium, including the Internet, for promotional, commercial purposes and any other purposes related to the sole and absolute discretion without Toroverde get authorization.

By submitting a video nominating someone for the contest, the person certifies, without signing any document, which is authorized to submit the video for the nominee fully assumes any liability for any claims or damages that may arise to the person nominated or to any other persons in relation to the video.

By submitting a video to participate in it for themselves or another person nominating contest, the person automatically agrees to indemnify and relieve Toroverde, its employees, contractors and shareholders from any and all liability for any damage, claim or compensation related the video anyway, regardless of their nature, including, without limitation, any claim related to the nomination of a person for the contest.

In the case of minors, their parents or legal guardians of the child when upload the video accept all the conditions and restrictions and relays mentioned above.

All winners must sign a release of liability of Toroverde which will be provided prior to jump off the Monster.

10.   About the Awards:

None of the prizes may be transferred or assigned. To claim the prize, the winner must show or submit a valid ID issued by the competent governmental authority of the Commonwealth or state in the US with photo and signature or a valid passport if not a US citizen or being a US citizen do not have a driver's license that meets the requirements set forth above. Sending a video nominating another person, the participant will be the nominee only, not the person who posted the video. The person who sent the video nominating another person cannot claim any prizes. The successful candidate must have immediate availability to make the trip since the day of the flight will be the January 25, 2016 subject to the right of Toroverde to change the date.

A sole and absolute discretion of Toroverde, Toroverde may replace one or all of the prizes offered by others of equal value.

11.   Modifications to the Contest:

Toroverde reserves the right to modify or amend in its sole and absolute discretion, at any time, the rules, terms and conditions of the Contest.

12.   Alternate Winners:
A prize not claimed within 3 days of being notified by mail and delivery service the next day (overnight) sent to addresses in the form of participation or not the person selected to participate in the event at the date and time established by Toroverde or person selected does not comply with any requirement or part of these rules or contest, Toroverde have the power to call the second position and so on until the selected individual meets the requirements set forth herein.

13.   Costs / Taxes:

Toroverde is not liable for costs or expenses related to the awards out of which specifically agrees to assume in these rules. Each winner is responsible for any taxes applicable to their award.

14.   Severability:

This contest shall be void where prohibited by law.

15.   Prohibited Practices and Participations:

The use of any mechanism, device, appliance or software of any kind, used for the purpose of generating "likes" without human intervention is prohibited. Offering money or any kind of reward of any kind, in order to generate likes it is also prohibited.

No employee or shareholder of Toroverde or person who was involved at any stage of preparing and coordinating the contest may participate in it.

16.   Acceptance of Terms and Conditions and Relay:

By submitting a video to enter the competition, the person accepts all the terms, conditions and relays contained in these rules without signing any document.

17.   Automatic Disqualification:

Disregard or violation of these rules or other requirements of this contest will result in automatic disqualification.

18.   Promoter:

This contest is conducted by Oroverde Corp., a corporation organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Any reference to or right in favor of, Toroverde in these rules shall be deemed made on behalf of Oroverde Corp. doing business as Toroverde Adventure Park.

19.   Severability:

If any provision of these rules is considered invalid or illegal and therefore unenforceable, such provision shall be considered separately, and in no way affect or impair the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions.

20.   Applicable Law:

This contest is governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.