What’s the Monster?

The Monster is the new experience Toro Verde. The longest zip line in the universe, with a 2.5km cable, AND HEAR WHAT 2.5kmequivalent to 28 football fields. A unique experience in the world that starts when you step on the suspension bridge 47m long with a height of 10m, which will take you to the launch pad and you finally come face to face with the scariest attraction in the Island where you will reach a speed of up 93.20mi / h..




how do you become a real pilot?

Helmet and Goggles: The spaceport will prepare you with the helmet for Monster’s pilots and appropriate goggles for the flight.

Communication: As part of your team flight, you will place a radio system so you can communicate with your family and friends during the flight and experience tell.

Exclusive Monster’s Jacket: Before starting the flight you will wear the exclusive Jacket for the Monster, it is yours and you can take it with you at the end of the flight.

Harness: You will use the exclusive Harness for the Monster, which have fluorescent lights

Smoke: Your launch team will provide you with the Monster’s Green Smoke at the time of takeoff, marking the path of your flight.

Flight certificate: You'll get a flight certificate with your name on reaching the landing site, in addition to the flight number and the speed you reached.

Photography: As part of the experience we will give you the official photograph of the flight on the largest Zip line you've ever seen.

Recognition: Upon completion of the flight you will get a patch with the flight number you've made, which will be placed in your exclusive Monster Jacket and everyone will know you faced the scariest attraction of the island.

List of drivers: We will place your name on the list of pilots who have flown the Monster, you will see it on our website.